Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let the learning begin!

The only way of gaining knowledge through education involved hours of grueling travel, non-adherent schedules, fear of biased grading etc. but now exists an option that is devoid of these troubles - The concept of e-learning.
Web based learning exploits the pitfalls of the traditional classroom approach to training. The concept of e-Learning has gained ground over the past decade and it encompasses distance learning, learning online & conference based tutorials. A lot of organizations have moved from providing classroom based training to its employees to exclusive e-learning packages which reduces the complexity of an otherwise cumbersome process.Besides that, it also annihilates the need for dedicated trainers thus making e-learning a cost effective approach.

The development in Internet and multimedia technologies have further enhanced web-based learning as video streaming and conferencing have become a lot less complex than they were a few years ago.Along with the advancements in e-learning,there have also been issues related to effectiveness and monitorability of this approach of training. It is this area of e-learning where the focus is on and some of the emerging trends such as Podcasting,Screencasting have been working on addressing these issues. Another approach to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of e-learning has been the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which , in integration with Management Information System creates a Managed Learning Environment. The idea in this concept is to replicate and simulate classroom environments in e-learning packages by blending computer-based presentations with interactive two-way presentation.

Our plan of study will involve the analysis of latest developments in e-learning and leveraging e-learning to meet the ever increasing demand for advancements in technology.

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